Tuesday, December 14, 2010

He Says....

Stop and smell the roses..er poinsettias..every once in a while Mom
I am here to help you....always no matter what....
even when it's folding the clothes.

I guess Eli is right...I need to take a deep breath and enjoy the season...
if only long enough to catch some of his antics.
Lord how mercy it is cold here...today I shall stay home and not go
out...no how no way.....don't care what's on sale.
I have chicken cooking for some good hearty stock for some soup or
noodles. Something to fill the belly with a warm smile.
Have a blessed day,


  1. Eli has grown so much from the little fuzz ball this fall, he is certianly a handsome man
    Just remember if the poinsettias are real they are poisonous to cats if they eat them.

  2. Hey Robin, I could take Eli's advice as well. Life is too busy!! Enjoy that chicken soup.8-)

  3. Hi Robin -
    You need to learn from Eli. Cats have taught me so much.....like how warm sunspots are. My girls are curled up sound asleep in my unmade bed. Oh well!
    Stay warm and let's hope they are wrong about the forecast. I don't want another winter like last year.
    Have a Merry....Pat