Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Monday

Happy Monday to you. Below is the centerpiece on the big table.
I just love that old child's sled!! Lee thinks I am nuts for putting that on the table,
He thinks it should go under the tree. It looks good either place but I prefer
it where it is.
Did you have a nice weekend? We had date night Friday night but there was not much
to be had. It was good to see everyone though. The rest of the weekend was spent trying to decorate and clean. Pretty ho-hum here....and today is COLD, frigid, windy....and I have to go out....YUK. Our Open House is this coming weekend....and on the menu will be...
marinated flank steak
steamed in the shell the fire
shrimp with sauce
hot chicken salad
marinated meatballs
cheese tray
veggie tray
sausage balls
Well, with all that list I better get going...Sam's and the grocery await.....
And Lee's pic is ready...wooohooo. So I will go pick that up, hide it and hopefully remember where I hid it on Christmas Eve!!!
Have a Blessed day, and stay warm
Enjoy the snow if you have any...we just have cold


  1. I like it on the table. It's cute!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Great sled! It's frigid here too, about 7 degrees with the wind chill below 0. Yikes!! The roads are a glare of ice and we've had to run back and forth to the hospital this weekend. Hope the salt starts working! Be careful out there, Dawn

  3. Hi Robin, I love that sled!! Looks great on the table!! I'd like to come the open house, the food sounds wonderful!! Might be a little far from Texas.8-)