Monday, December 20, 2010


My little angels have been a part of my Christmas since I can remember.
Every year my Grandmother would set these little wooden angels out under a little tree in their
living room. I have had these for almost 30 years and I am not sure how long she had them before me! I know they are old and some are missing a wing or two or maybe their instrument is gone...but they have been a part of my heart ever since I can remember. When these come out of their box I feel I am surrounded by my Grandparents love and then a flood of past holidays come when I stole baby Jesus from the manger and slept with him!!!! How many people can say they slept with baby Jesus?!! I was little, and their was just something about
the baby in the manger that I liked so I took him from the manger, put him in my pocket, went home and slept with him under my pillow. I broke his head off, but my grandmother glued it back on...good as new she said.
What are your traditions, ya know the ones you have had since like forever? This year we
will start a new tradition with Justin. We feel so very blessed to have him in our life, and yes the step mom has gone a BIT overboard, but hey it's Christmas.
We will spend Christmas Eve with Lee's parents, Christmas morning with my family
and have our first Christmas with Justin Christmas evening. I am so looking forward to cooking a nice dinner for us and opening gifts....and starting a new tradition.
Have a blessed day...and tomorrow...the stockings were hung......


  1. Robin,
    I don't get to post a lot but I love reading your warm, heart-felt postings; did you ever find those little shoes you needed...I kept looking; found you one pair for $, of course I passed on those...they were online at Tildas I think.
    Wishing you, Lee and Justin the most wonderful Christmas ever...sounds like you're gonna have it:)

  2. How wonderful to be starting new traditions! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. I can't wait to spend time with all of the grandchildren, it's the best! I want to go to the nursing home and spend Christmas morning with my Dad though, can't bear to think of him alone there for the holiday. Hope your holiday is filled with magic! Dawn

  3. What a sweet post - our Christmas memories and traditions are to be cherished.

    Christmas Blessings,