Thursday, December 2, 2010

Have You Ever Seen These??

I had to go to the Market yesterday and look what I found...
I think these things are great for decorating for the holidays....they look like little
Christmas Trees. However they are you know what they are?
Let me know what you think....

Today is going to be spent packing up the shop for our show this weekend. Then it will be back
to the homeshop for just a few last minute make-overs. Had a couple of things that just do not "look" I shall re-do them. I finally finished Merrie Days into a card holder...
and even lined it...woohoo...that was my first time doing that!
And JOY was finished into a cupboard tuck....I will try and remember to take pictures of
them and show you.

Have not started on my trees yet...soon!!!
Will definitely be taking some pictures of the "progress" for you.

Time to go and head to the shop,
have a Blessed day.



  1. Heyy, I have no idea what that little tree looking item is...hope you'll check back and tell us:) hmmm, is it edible? taste it for us...

    Have a happy day,

  2. Hello,
    I saw your post and couldn't help but comment! I JUST saw them use this on a Food Network show(Iron Chef). It is from the broccoli family and it is called Romanesco. Here is a link where you can read more about it. I have never tasted it, but it is supposed to be yummy! And it looks beautiful in your arrangement! Have a wonderful day! ~Sarah~

  3. Hi Sarah~ yep that's what they are...but aren't they cute? They are VERY GOOD!! A little stronger than cauliflower but not as strong as broccoli...steam with a little olive oil or butter and parm cheese..YUMMY!!!

  4. O.o. thank you Sarah...I would never have guessed:)
    Gail off to work in our little shoppe...

  5. Neat! What a weird little plant! Wonder how long they will keep?

    Carmen and the Primcats

  6. How cool are those!!!??? I would never have known what they were. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  7. You got me on this but I'm so glad you shared, now I know what they are. They do look so great in you arrangement.

  8. it edible? Is it some kind of cactus?

  9. I have never seen those, very interesting,really does resemble a Christmas tree!

  10. It looks like a beautiful colored cauliflower on steriods. Yep, that's what it is!!!!

    It does look delicious.........I'd steam it and put butter on it.........regardless of what it really is. MMMMMM Yummo.