Thursday, December 16, 2010

Out My Window Today....

Is SNOW!!!! It is so beautiful looking out the Gathering Room window, the clouds are so heavy

with snow you can't even see the mountains. I love these gray snowy days. They bring back so many memories....

cookie baking with Brett


snow angels

snowball fights

craft day with my Mom

And the list could continue....
What do snow days remind you of?
Have a blessed day,


  1. Good morning! I love days like that, too. They remind me of the sleigh-riding hill that was alongside our yard when I was a kid. Waiting to get outside with the neighborhood kids, staying out until we couldn't feel our fingers/toes -- going back to my house when we were done, and the big pot of hot chocolate on the stove for everyone! What great memories!

  2. Oh snow days! We sure had it Sun thru Tues in Michigan. The schools were closed for two days and the roads were terrible! I was running back and forth to the hospital and nursing home, but if I were to be home I would love to just put on some music, a fresh pot of coffee, and putz, stitch or watch a sappy movie. Enjoy your day, Dawn

  3. Snow days remind me of sledding down the big hills at the High School near my house, when I was a teenager. It was ever so much fun with a boyfriend!
    Hope you're stayin' warm, snuggy and stitchin'.

  4. Robin, Snow missed us here, well this time... Love watching it...Enjoy the day! OLM