Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung.....

by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. They do not hang at the chimney any longer, but these were my Christmas Stockings.
There is also a natural color...2 red and one natural...they are very old burlap with
embroidery letters. I would sit in the middle of my parents while my dad would
read me this story...off to bed and wait for Santa. I remember getting a Winnie The Pooh bigger than I was...I also remember the year with the Barbie Condo...I awoke...what WAS ALL that noise...more like bad language....oh no, my Dad....Santa won't come until EVERYONE is asleep...or so I thought...I heard him tell my Mom that he just could not get the *##* thing together....I went back to bed....awoke in the morning and was told Santa was RUSHED and needed help from my Dad. My Mom also said that Santa would not ask my Dad for help again...LOL.
So for the last 50 Christmas' these stockings have been a part of my tradition. It just would not be Christmas without them and the little wooden angels.

Have a Blessed Day, I am headed out into the crowds...wooohooo!!!!



  1. Robin, You're right, it wouldn't be Christmas with out these special things!!! Have a wonderful Christmas. OLM

  2. Hey Robin, you have some wonderful traditions and sweet stories. I enjoyed this post and the previous. We sat tonight talking about Christmas pasts with our boys and their families. Such wonderful memories!!
    Enjoy the new traditions you start with Justin this year, he is blessed to have you and Lee.
    Merry Christmas Dear Friend!!