Monday, December 6, 2010

New?? Cabinet

I put this together last night, and I think she turned out pretty good.The bottom is a dry sink that I had upstairs in one of the bedrooms and I got the
top at the show this weekend. Sooo, I "mated" them together....and I think they look like
they were made for each other. Whatcha think?
On the inside I have an old coverlet, doll, some fabrics and a dough bowl
Very Simple.

I am getting ready to go and run some's COLD and windy...I miss
my 90 degree heat. Yeh...I know I wanted the cold, but I forgot how cold cold is!!!LOL
I had a day of lets move things along to spring!
I have come to the conclusion that whatever the weather is I will not be happy!!!!
Have a blessed day...and stay warm and cozy...think hot chocolate
and cookies!!!!!


  1. LOVE IT ROBIN!!!! A PERFECT marriage!!!!

  2. I love it too - BEAUTIFUL, and your displays are awesome!

  3. Looks great, wonderful job of matching.
    Getting ready to start my "Sara Stocking", can't hardly wait.

  4. WOW!!! Good job! They sure do work together well! Lucky find on that top cabinet that matches!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  5. Love the "new" cupboard - what a great marriage! Now I can't hardly wait to see more Christmas decorating pictures! Have a great day. It's been about 28 degrees up here in Michigan - talk about COLD!!! Dawn

  6. Hi Robin, I love it!! Looks like they were made for each other.8-) I'm with you on this cold, and it isn't near as cold here as it is for some of ya'll. It was 23 here yesterday, my little tush just stayed inside. And like you, I'm never going to be happy with the weather.8-)