Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost Finished...Sorta

This is Hiram...not Horace{told you I could not remember names} All that is left is background and then to make him into a pillow...whew, I have more left than what I thought. Whatcha think about the background color? It's an earth tone just a little darker. Thought that this would make him and the stars "pop" more. He has really been fun to work on.
Going today to find the dreaded bathing suit. Do they still make the ones like women used to wear in the 18oo's....they seem to hide a multitude of things!!! I really do not care about what's "in Style" cause what they put on them size 1 manakins just do not look like that on me. Go figure?!! I hate shopping, at least at the mall anyway. I love Goodwill and yesterday I did find some really cute capri pants...covering them thighs and hips!!!LOL. Do you find yourself holding onto the clothes you use to fit in? I do, thinking that one day I may wake up and be that size 7 again....THAT IS JUST NOT GONNA HAPPEN! But I still hold out hope. I really should clean out my closet, but if I did I would have very little left. I figure that there are clothes in there for every size, and just like life, You Really Never Know What Can Happen!! I may wake up one day and be that smaller size....just not today.

Have a beautiful Day.

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