Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To Paint or not to paint?

Your opinion matters! I added these stars to my steps when we bought our olde home. At the time I painted them red and blue, now I am wondering...Should I paint them white so they look more like an embellishment on the rise of the steps? The steps just looked so plain and I really wanted them to stand out. So....should I paint them white or leave 'em alone? Thanks for helping me decide.

Yesterday was a very productive day...Hiram was finished, ditty bags were made and I have created a sac light from old ticking. Today it's the old run of the mill errands to do. I will be going to pick up some more beeswax and pouring up some more "shoes"and such this week at the shop. I have a list of stuff that has to be ordered for the shop, hopefully I will get to that this afternoon. But if I don't...there is always tomorrow.

I am on my countdown until Monday, the dreaded oral surgeon appointment. But I know that this has to be done. Lee will be my "nurse for the day". Just wondering if he will dress in a cute little white outfit for me!!?? Probably not, but the thought is tooooo cute!

To each and everyone, have a great day!



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  1. I think you should hook a rug for each riser.

    now get goin' on that!