Saturday, March 13, 2010

Refreshing Saturday

Oh My Gosh, it's only 12:30 and I am pooped! Lee and I awoke this

morning at the crack of dawn and decided to Spring Clean. I guess this

was a good thing since now I can start taking some pictures for

Mercantile Gatherings. Of course with the animals we have it will not stay this way long.

I see in the picture my cat has already brought out one of her toys, a squeaky mouse. The above

picture is part of our den. Actually where the blue cabinet is hanging is my

"office". It was so nice of hubby to help, he cleaned all of the bedrooms

and foyer upstairs while I did downstairs. We did our Spring cleaning at the shop

last weekend, so other than a few windows...I am FINISHED...YIPPIE. All of this and it is

still one week before spring arrives. Maybe for once I can be ahead of the game. Trust me

when I tell you, that it would be a first.

Tonight is a family gathering at New London Steak House. My brother is in from

Texas with his wife and 2 children and we have not seen them in almost 3 years! So there

will be 12 of us for dinner...poor waitress! We will have almost all of the family

together, we will be missing 1 sister, brother-in-law and a niece. But it will still be nice

to have everyone together, and who knows when we will get the chance to do this again? I love

a big gathering, since most of the time it is just Lee and I. Our house stays so quiet, except when

it is play time with the dogs, the cat plays on her terms!

Well folks, I am off to go and get ready, leaving early to go by Michael's and the fabric

store before meeting with everyone. I hope that your weekend goes as planned.


Have a great day and will hopefully have a "group" picture tomorrow.

Blessings to All,

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  1. Lucky you! Wish all my spring cleaning was done! Love the picture and can't wait to see more. Thanks for sharing, Dawn