Monday, March 22, 2010

Finished Hiram

Hiram was a commissioned piece that I was asked to make into a pillow. Well, here he is. He is thrown into the chair a little crooked, that why you can see a little of the material. Whatcha think about him? I am going to try very hard to make this into a pattern. We shall see what happens.

Spring has definitely come to Amherst, its so sunny here today, don't know what happened to the rain they were forecasting. I decided this morning to stay home today, it was just so yucky looking outside, but me thinks I may have made a mistake. You know what they say...shoulda, coulda, woulda...but I am enjoying being in the home shop and getting a few things done.

On a BAD note, I have my oral surgery done this coming Monday, or at least in my shoes it's a bad note. I broke the ENTIRE side of my tooth off. I am going to baby my tooth until does not I guess until then I will live on yogurt, pasta and jello. Good time to start the diet...right?!! I am scared to death of doing this, I hate a dentist. I am not going to be put to sleep, we are doing this with a valium and novacaine. I just hope that is enough.

Well folks, I am headed back to the shop, just wanted you to see Hiram and to wish you all a very blessed day. Until tomorrow,



  1. looks great robin
    yeah, the weather sure is weird today, huh???