Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Good morning to you all!! It is the start of a beautiful weekend! Thought I would show you the table in my kitchen, this was "found" in the back of the auction house and no one wanted it. I thought it needed a home and Lee thought I was crazy! It had an enamel top on it, or at least part of it did, the other part had turned to dust it was so old and weathered. Soooo, yep I brought it home, took off the rest of the top and look!!! Oak tongue and groove top, all for three dollars. It took a lot of washing the dirt off the legs but I think it was worth it!!!

Changing the you give Easter gifts to adults?? If so, I am going to give you the recipe for "White Trash Mix". I have been making this for over twenty years...I have heard it called Monkey Mix also. This is what I give at my Christmas Open House, it really makes a lot. Put it in canning jars with some homespun or raffia and you will have a nice gift that is really good. I have received the empty jars back with a request for it to be "re-filled".

White Trash
In a heavy saucepan mix together
2 sticks margarine
1- 12oz. bag of chocolate chip
1-18oz jar creamy peanut butter
Stir until melted and creamy

Pour into a LARGE bowl...Add
1 Box Chex Rice Cereal
1 jar UNSALTED peanuts
1 box raisins (not snack size)

Toss to coat well. Dump in white trash bag (hence the name)
Add 1 box Confectionery sugar...tumble to coat
Add another box of sugar and tumble to coat again.

Place in airtight containers of choice

(I double my trash bag just to make sure )

When I make this I use an extra large pot, dump the cereal etc. into that and mix...less clean-up! This would be cute in the pastel zip lock baggies and put in an Easter basket also. Remember, this makes a bunch!!! It is a great t.v. snack...and healthier than chips (and dip)!

I hope that you all have a great's SPRING!! Must be 'cause Lee has on shorts! This weekend is Millstone's anniversary weekend, on Sunday we will celebrate our 1 year anniversary....Thank You to EVERYONE for all of your kind words and for helping to make Millstone a success. Have a beautiful day!

Many Blessings



  1. Wow, that is an awesome table. You did a wonderful job. Happy Anniversary !!

  2. Love your table!!!! I love old tables....Have a happy anniversary.......

  3. Millstone Mercantile is celebrating anniversary # 1 and Steve and I are celebrating anniversary #40 on the 21st! Thanks Robin and Jan for giving me an outlet for my stitcheries. May we all have many more anniversaries!!