Thursday, March 25, 2010

Remounted Needlepunch

I made this in the fall last year and decided yesterday that I did not like it. Soooo, I "un-made" it. I took tea and walnut stain and sprayed her down and sun dried it. It is mounted on a cloth covered board with a rusty wire hanger. Now I am wondering, is it to dark? It did not look that dark when I sprayed it but as it was drying it kept getting darker. I have rubbed a little cinnamon on it in a few spots. Oh well, you just never know how things will turn out.

Sassy was taken to the vet last night, she had a few more seizures. She is now on anti-seizure medication, we just hope that this works. We had to leave Tinsley "home alone" for the first time EVER...he was not at all happy. When I shut the door to leave he was howling at the top of his little lungs. He has never been separated from Sassy, not even when we board them for vacation...they stay in the same run. He was soooo excited to see her when we got back home, and he seems to be very protective of her right now...I just wish he would stop trying to stick his long nose down her throat. Hopefully the drug she is on will keep all seizures at bay.

This is very short today as I overslept this morning, gotta get going so I can open the shop.
Enjoy your beautiful day,


  1. The needlepunch looks great to me...I like the vintage look. Hoping the medicine works on Sassy - always a worry when one of the family is ill. Judy

  2. Thank you for Sassy is good. Thank you for your comment.