Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Gathering

Allow me to introduce the family. We have my parents, Lee and I the nieces and nephews, my brother and his wife and last we have my sister and Rachael. Trust me when I tell you, we all look better in person, I hate a picture. We all look soooo old. But we were together and the food was awesome.
I will be heading to the home shop in a while, I have some crows and make-do's calling my name, hopefully they will be finished up this evening. But, with the sun out and warmer weather I am thinking that it would be nicer outside. I really need a window in the shop, at least then I could look at the sun. Lee and I took yesterday and went antiquing, found a really nice display cabinet for the shop at a great price. Why is it things look smaller until you buy them? We like to have never got it in the shop, it's 7 feet tall!!! My ceiling is not far from the top of this thing!! It just did not look that big until we had to unload it, plus it's really heavy. That is the story of my the biggest and heaviest, strain every muscle you have getting it in place, decorating it so that it is perfect, and then deciding you want to move it somewhere else!! Do you know what I mean?LOL. Thank goodness for moving pads!! Here is a little something...
She Awoke...
Dormant she was for so long
She Awoke..
She Awoke....
Giving life to all things
She Awoke.....
...She is Spring
written by me at 4:00am 3/15/2010
Many Blessings for a beautiful day,

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  1. Nothing in the world like family - glad you had a good day! I know what you mean about HEAVY furniture, that's the story of my life. Oh well, it's all worth it when it sells! Have a great day, Dawn