Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thursday Findings

Happy Thursday to you all.
Look what I found today! I just love the green granite ware pail!
She is a larger one and the flowers make it look like spring!
Could not pass it up...the price was just toooo good...ready? It was $3.00
The large crackle bunny is so very cute and on the right is a hand
painted recipe book. My grand total...drum roll please....
I was really glad that I made myself go out today...on cold days
I would rather stay home sewing or punching.
The bunny will taker her place in the center of the keeping room table
And I think I will leave the pail on the kitchen table.
Horace the cat is coming along, I have a pinched nerve in my
neck so I have to take breaks often. Hopefully I will be posting
pictures of him soon.
If you read the blog from Tuesday I talked about the barber poles and
was just wondering if anyone knew where the blue came from in the stripe.
Did You Know: The doctor that delivered Dolly Parton was paid for his
services with a sack of cornmeal.
Have a blessed day and a wonderful evening
Till next time,

1 comment:

  1. Robin, Hope you'll soon be feeling much better. That pinched nerve sounds painful.
    What bargains you found! Is the forsythia real? Mine are all still tightly shut. Your photo inspires me to cut some to force.