Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Can you see it? ...The shadows! Yep, it's sunny!!
The sky is blue and it's Friday. That also means that it is
Friday Night Date Night!!! Yep, tonight we have our date.
Yesterday was our 10th anniversary, however we did not
celebrate to much. We decided to combine our anniversary with
my big 50th birthday and leave the country in June!! We will be heading to
the Dominican with our cousin Lynette from West Virginia. Should be fun.
Your picture above is my back porch, or part of it. Probably shoulda cleaned
it before I took the picture, but as usual I am running late. That seems
to be the story of my life. One day I will get it all together, but until then I
will just enjoy running in my own little circles.
We have added a new room spray...Country Summer. Freshly
bottled yesterday. Of course it is not labeled yet as I am trying to learn how
to make the darn labels on the computer.....any help? The computer
IS NOT my friend!!LOL Maybe if I would have learned how to make nice
with it years ago it would have helped, but at my age when I was young there
were no computers!!! Well friends, it's that time, gotta go shower and get
ready to go to the shop.

Please take a moment to enjoy your day and your passions.

Blessings to you all,

I almost forget....Jan's birthday was Wednesday...We celebrated that
yesterday, however she is still YOUNG.
Happy Birthday my friend!!

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  1. Happy Belated anniversary to Robin & Lee !
    (and WHY didn't you rmind me yesterday when I saw you?) AND Happy Belated Birthday to Jan!!
    no, you're NOT old!!!

    from the Farm