Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sun Bathing

These are my "babies". Sassy is my Jack Russel and Tinsley is my little man. They love to chase sun rays that filter into the den. Sassy is almost 10 and is very laid back, Tinsley is 3 and wide open!! He thinks he is 10ft. tall and bullet proof. They are the best of friends. Poor Sassy can not do anything without her "shadow" following. He has slept by himself 1 night in a row...yes he sleeps in the middle between Lee and I. Both of them are spoiled rotten, but isn't that what they are for?
*****The show date for Summer In the Valley has been set*******
July 24, 2010
Early Bird from 9-11
Regular Buyers 10-4
Lee and I are very excited to return to Fishersville, we had so much fun and met so many wonderful people. We shall return with new wares to peddle.
And with that said, I am off to the home shop...much has to be done!!!
Just In....
.....An Aunt has the right to brag....Lee just brought me the paper and my niece is on the front page of the sports section. How cool is that? She is the star pitcher for her High School girls softball team and she threw a one hitter yesterday!!! They won (of course) and to top it off they beat the defending Group A Champions. WAY TO GO BULLDOGS!!!!!!!!!!
O.K., now I am off to the home shop.
Hope you have a blessed and happy day

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  1. Love seeing your babies. Our Skye sleeps between us, too. We can't help but spoil her.
    Hope you enjoyed this gorgeous Spring day.