Monday, March 8, 2010

A Little Something...

Hello to all....I just can not seem to take a picture, don't know if it's me (probably) or the camera. Could be the fact that Lee needed the camera today and I was in sort of a hurry. Anyway, the little picture was made by me. It does say Family, we love, we live, we laugh. There is a piece of vintage lace and a few rusties on there as well. The fabric...which you can't really see, is a civil war repo. And of course the frame has been worn.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, Lee and I went to the store, tore it apart and put it back together. But she just needed an overhaul. Today, I WILL finish the taxes. I just seem to keep finding receipts and having to calculate all over again. After that I will head to the home shop to work on some goodies for the next show and the shop. I have a lot of ideas in my head, it's just getting them out of there and onto paper that is hard. I have said before, I can not draw. It is a challenge, but it's one that I enjoy very much, especially when it works!! I can not wait to get down there!!! Well, I am headed to the farm table...aka the tax finish up and then to the drawing board

Did you know: The first coin minted in New York, a copper penny, bore on it's face the date 1787, and the legend "Mind Your Own Business"...not In God We Trust.

Have a Blessed Day and keep Smiling,


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