Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The "Bestest" Books

I call these my "Bibles" They are truly great books for ideas and just to drool over. I just ordered Judy's newest book..The Country Home" due out this month. I would love to have the job of going into these amazing homes and seeing all the primitive pieces people have collected. The painted furniture has my heart. Where I live it is very hard to find...and very expensive if you do run across a piece. Jill's books are equally amazing, some of the homes and gardens that people have are just beautiful. I sit with these books almost every night (and I really do read them!!) and get the best ideas for furniture placement...although most of the time mine do not turn our like the picture!!! I have bookmarked almost every page, for somewhere on that page is just something "I must have"...know what I mean. I am on the look out now for an old hanging cupboard to go in the keeping room. I want to hang it over a dry sink that right now is being used as a bedside table, but will be brought downstairs soon. But before I bring it down I must get rid of a piece...you know the story; one comes in and one must go. I hate letting pieces go but I have no where to put the old cabinet. I have thought about putting the cabinet in my home shop and use it for fabric storage, we shall see. So, I guess you could say that right now I am on the "hunt", and there is nothing better than a good hunt. You feel so good when you have finally found the piece you were looking so hard for. I keep hoping one will turn up at an auction, which by the way is this Friday (date night!!!) but so far they have not had what I am looking for. They were close a couple of weeks ago but it was way to big; that cupboard would have taken up an entire wall, it was way to long.....so the hunt continues!! Here's hoping that what ever you are "hunting" for, whether it be piece of mind, the perfect piece of fabric or the "must have's" of your life, you find. Until tomorrow....
Many Blessings,


  1. I love those books too! And you're right, the hunt is the best part! Hope you find what you're looking for soon, Dawn

  2. AMEN about the books!!! I hope you find what you're looking for this Friday.