Monday, May 17, 2010

Dirty Linen

Do you remember your mother telling you not to "air your your dirty laundry on the line"?
Well, I DO! These are extra large flour sack towels that I have hand dyed and hand stenciled. They are not showing up that "stained" in the picture...sorry. I cooked up 12 more of these this morning and I am getting ready to stencil 'em up. I have many different designs...from a really cool "Olde Crow Homestead" to "The Simple Country Life". I also take antique linen, dye it up and stencil on that also. These are big enough for a tablecloth on a small table or I use them as the centerpiece on a large table, usually with an old bucket filled with bittersweet. These "Dirty Table Throws" I call them...are pretty neat.
It's raining here today and I am kinda glad...means that I will not be heading out and can head into the home shop instead of running the roads. Let's far this morning I have cooked the table throws, cooked my Liberty pillow, cooked Elda, made grubby tags, spent time chit chattin' with Lee before I sent him off to work, done dishes and cleaned a bathroom...I don't know where I got the sudden burst of energy...I just hope it will last till bedtime!!!lol
Well my friends, I am off to paint...I actually found time last night to make 2 Noodle Boards...I love working with wood also and together Lee and I have drawn up several new pieces of furniture to make and take to the show in July!!
Stay happy...and dry.


  1. Love these!!! Can you tell me how much they are? Have a great day! Dawn

  2. You have been busy! These are wonderful...I love the Weeping Willow. I'm in for the rest of the day....going to stitch, rain is on the way. hugs, Linda