Monday, May 24, 2010

New Fabric

Howdy ya'll. Look at the new fabric that I purchased Sat. night at Ben Franklin. I know, I know...but who ever has the most fabric wins!!! And I am well on my way. I have been told that that my home shop is a cross between Michael's and Jo-Ann's. I take that as a very good compliment!! I can't wait to start to use these...and the one's that I bought last time. I hate using the pretty fabric! I just want to organize it and look at it!! It seems awful to have to cut it.
Today was errand the rain! YUK And now that I am home, the sun is out.
I just remembered that this weekend is Memorial Day!! Where has the time gone? Just
seems like we were shoveling snow the other week! And I am on countdown until
VACATION!!!YEAH!! We leave in 3 weeks and I can't wait. I have a friend doing the house sitting for me, she enjoys staying here and my house is clean when I return, that's the best part!
I stopped by Goodwill today and will show you what I bought...maybe tomorrow...after I finish working on it. I thought it was pretty cool and I am hoping you will like it. But for now I am off to go clean my kitchen and de-clutter my countertop...again!
I hope you all have a nice evening.

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