Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Little POT

Greetings my friends, how are you? I was in hopes that this post would contain all of the goodies that were to await me from my travels yesterday...guess what I found? Nothing, nada, zilch. I could not believe I found nothing of use to me. Oh well, that just gives me more "play" money to use for Girl's Day Out tomorrow with my dear friend Lori(NotForgotten Farm) and Felicia. Now there is a trio if I ever saw one. We shall have such fun, I am looking forward it. Put the three of us together and you just NEVER know what can happen!!
The little pot? Oh yeah, I almost forgot...that is a fireside pot, used in starting the fires of long ago. One would start a fire, say in the kitchen, and when the coals were good and hot they would fill the HEAVY pot with hot coals and go from room to room with the hot embers to start additional fires in the fireplaces. I think it is pretty cool little pot and it just sits beside our fireplace in the eating room...of course our fireplace has gas logs, but it looks cute justa sittin' there. Our fireplaces in our olde home have either been converted, blocked up or are fake. We actually have 2 fake, 1 blocked and 2 converted to gas logs. I am thinking about turning them back on today 'cause I am freezing!! It's cold, damp and raining...where is my 80 and 90 degree weather??
Tonight my Father is coming for diner, my stepmom is at the beach(Nags Head) and of course she called to say it was sunny and warm there...I did not need to hear THAT! Sooo...I better go and start the homemade potato salad and with that were are having hot pastrami and melted swiss cheese on onion rolls and fresh fruit and yogurt parfait. But, with winter back me thinks I shoulda made just hot potato cheese soup with fresh croutons for topping!!! YUMMY.
Well, I will tell you all tomorrow evening of our travels and wares that I found while shopping with "The Girls".
Until then....Many Blessings


  1. That is a cool pot! Have fun in your travels tomorrow. It sounds like something I would LOVE to tag along on. :) Enjoy your supper with your Dad too... sounds yummy!

    :) Betty

  2. Tomorrow sounds like great fun...have a ball.

    Have a nice evening..hugs, Linda