Sunday, May 9, 2010

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...a "new" cabinet

Please tell me that we are still on speaking terms!! I have not been here for a while and I do apologize, things have just been crazy and by the time my night ended, it was bedtime.
Check out the cupboard in the picture, neat huh? Made that the other day and just took it to the shop. I love it!! I really wanted to keep it, but you can't keep EVERYTHING!
Sooo, whatcha doin? I am working on a cross stitch sampler, covering boxes, needlepunch, doin'
some painting and cleaning the house!! My plate is full at the moment. Seems like a woman's plate is always full!
We had the BEST time with Lori and Peter last night!! Did some cookin' out and just relaxed at the farm. The two new peacocks are beautiful, but I think Sky has eyes for Indy and that is upsetting Billie!! Thank you Lori for your wonderful hospitality. Next time I will do all of the cooking!
I want to wish all of the Mom's out there a very Happy Mother's Day...please enjoy your day. I am planning on doin' nothin' today, hubby is cooking today...wish me luck!! I am going to piddle (there's that word again!!) around with a few things and that's about it...nothing stressful and hopefully find a good movie to watch...remember tomorrow IS another day and I can work really hard on stuff then!!!(yeah right).
Again, have a blessed and Happy Mother's Day and I shall talk to you tomorrow.

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