Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Gift

As a small boy growing up my husband deeply loved his "Papa Harrison". When he passed away many years ago he remembered what his papa had said..."That ring will someday belong to you". He found the ring and it became his treasure until he was old enough to wear it. As time passed he outgrew the ring and put it up. When he and I got together I made the comment about how pretty it was and it just happened to be my birthstone. He told me how he got it and that the ring actually belonged to his Great Grandfather, who passed it to his son and then Lee's grandfather passed it to him. Well, the years went by (12..10 of them married) and I really never thought about it. Then out of the blue, 2 weeks ago he gave it to me for an anniversary gift. He was going to try and keep it a secret and give it to me on our vacation, but decided not to. He took the ring to the jewelers and had it sized down to fit me. What a precious gift he has given me. I feel very honored to have been given such a treasure, not only of his, but also his family's. I wear this ring with such pride. Gifts do not always have to be store bought "things", they can also treasures of the heart. This ring will now be passed down to someone in his family when the time comes, but for now, I will enjoy it.
What gift of your heart do you have that may be given?
Many Blessings,


  1. What a wonderful gift. Just incase you forgot how truly loved and special you are to this wonderful man, the ring will now never let you forget.

  2. I got goose bumps while reading this. You are blessed with a sweet and loving husband....hugs, Linda