Wednesday, May 12, 2010


My father came to dinner last night and brought in a bag of "stuff", or so I thought. I know to most it does not look like much, but when I opened the bag and saw was a treasure. These are all part of my childhood and memories of my mother. I remember her wearing that apron we we made Christmas cookies and how it used to hang at my ankles if I wore it...she used to get sooo mad at me when I played with the handmade acorn s&p shakers, the little wood bowl would hold her rings while she was kneading dough. He called it junk in a bag, for me it was a flash back. Mom has been gone for a very long time, I was twelve when she passed away, they did not have all the cancer treatments out that they have today. My stepmom, whom I dearly love, has been clearing and cleaning and when she runs across anything she sends it my way. I am very thankful for that and for her.
O.K. enough of that...we were not able to go scavenging today do to unforeseen circumstances, however we do hope to go next week. This Saturday is the rug braiding class and I am so looking forward to that. Hubby will work the shop for me, he has a looong tail about everything in there. You are going to think I am lying but he actually cut back a bush, tied up the twigs with homespun and put a tag on there that read:"Grandma's Best Switches" and he sold them!! I swear he could sell ice to eskimos!! I think the customers come in to hear his tales and to decide if he is telling the truth or not...he can be pretty convincing.
Well my friends, I am off to the home shop to try and get something accomplished today, the past few days have been spent cleaning the olde homeplace.
Have a beautiful day

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