Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What will they be??

A mystery shall unfold. What will they be? For now they are just plain old cork circles, but they shall not stay that way for long. As many know, I love taking "stuff" and making other "stuff" out of it. I did not know what to do with them after I bought them, but a light bulb went off in my head and I now think I know what I am going to do with them. Actually, after they are finished you will be able to use them in several different ways. It will take a couple of days before they are finished, but I will show them to you when they are done, hopefully you will like them. I am ready to get back to painting (hint), I am getting a little tired of punching and hooking, although I am still working on several projects, I just need to do something a little different for a few days. No what I mean...do you tire of doing the same thing everyday? I like changing things up a bit, so for a few days I will have paint brush in hand.
Here in Va. we have a beautiful day starting out, can't wait to get the sheets hung out on the line. I love going to bed on crisp, fresh air sheets...the hard, crackly feel!! And the wonderful scent they have...aint nothin' better, well except maybe fresh in season homemade peach ice cream with little bits of frozen fresh peaches, that's pretty good too!!
Well my friends, my coffee cup is empty, so I shall leave you now. Have a blessed day and
remember...Your fingerprints are not erased on the lives that YOU touch.
Blessings to you from me.


  1. What a tease! Yup, I like to mix things up too. Do you go to bed at night with your head swirling with ideas? As for sheets hung on the line, ain't nothin' better! Have a great day, Dawn

  2. Our weather is lovely here too. I hang my sheets on the line and other laundy too....love the the feel and the clean fragrance...hugs, Linda