Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Crow

Good evening, hope all is well with you. This is my new crow...on a stick. He is made to stick in your plants, stuck in a jar or just to put wherever you like. I have designed a new one that I like better, just have to finish it. The one in the picture is to "skinny". You know what I in my head, but once I get it onto paper and then sewn up...sometimes it just doesn't work. But hopefully the few alteration that I made will help fatten him up a bit....just can't have a skinny crow. I know the ones in my backyard this year are huge!!
Sooo, tomorrow night is date auction! He (Lee) will be going to one on Saturday. And then we ACTUALLY have a date! We are going to double date with the Brechlin's...a.k.a. Peter and Lori. And it WILL BE the PERFECT date...dinner and Ben Franklin Craft Store, what woman could ask for more?!! I am really looking forward to our date!!
Well friends, Flash Forward is on and then comes Grey's....which by the way looks really good. Have a great night and a wonderful day tomorrow and I will talk to you later.
Many Blessings,

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    I'm guess we can't have happy endings for all our favorite shows,although I don't see why not.
    Apparently my Rob Lowe is dead in Brothers and Sisters.
    BUT HOUSE was THE BEST finale show!!!!! I sat here just grinning from ear to ear when Cutty told him she loved him and they kissed!!!! Such a GREAT ending!!!! I'm a hopeless romantic,I always want everybody to be HAPPY!!

    Sure wish John & I could join you all tonite,FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

    Sherry aka:The Queen
    From Sherry's Heart