Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hello to all and Happy Memorial Day Weekend to you. Well, mine started off great! And I mean that very sincerely. Lori and I hit the road early this morning for uncharted territory. She had to take a road trip for a very special gift...she will post about her gift tomorrow. Now mind you she had REALLY good directions...we just don't know where they were to. Even the mailman was confused and that got us even more confused!! Soooo, we called the lady and she gave me directions...we were a looong way from her house! So, back tracking we go...found a great new little shop with an awesome little yard sale going on...yep...HAD to stop for that. Well, by then we're hungry so we called that poor lady AGAIN and said we would be a little this time were are already running an hour late so what's a few more minutes between friends? On the road again...we are finally in her neighborhood! Now were is that road again? Thank goodness there one man that actually gave good directions! Imagine that...a man that new directions!lol
O.k....we are there...all of fifteen minutes. The van was loaded up and we are off one of our favorite shops...yepper...Olde Mill Primitives..well we were sorta kinda in the neighborhood...awesome...I just want it ALL. I don't think I have ever laughed sooo hard as I did today. Isn't life great with a good girlfriend? They seem to make the yucky times a little easier and the happy times that much better. We arrived back home all safe and sound...and scoped out some more new shops for our next return trip!!
Have a fantastic weekend...and tell your girlfriends that you love them!
Talk later.

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