Friday, May 21, 2010

The Girls

Good evening to ya! How was our day? Mine was busy. Let me introduce you to some
ugly (but don't tell them!) girls. From left to right we have Hattie, Enna and Elda. They are ugly
and "wonky" 'lookin, but they are primitive dolls fresh from the attic where they were tucked away.
Did ya catch Grey's? I loved it, got rid of some characters that really had no story line anyway. I had hoped Meredith would keep her baby though and soooo glad Derick is alive. When that Mr. Clark was in the O.R. I freaked. How did he get in there...he was NUTS!
Hubby is cutting the "lower forty" as we call it and I know he will be hungry when he gets in so I guess I better go and start some dinner. I have got a great headache...maybe 'cause I am hungry. I just wish I knew what we was a 'havin.
Will talk to you Sunday...tomorrow is our double time to talk then.
Have a FANTASTIC weekend.


  1. Robin,
    love your "ugly" dolls ~ they are the best kind. Gray's was awesome last night, I recorded it so I can watch it again. Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh these are too fun, love them and I'm thinking they must be happy to be out of the attic.

    Have a great weekend...hugs, Linda

  3. I like very much this former(ancient) side! Best regards of France mary

  4. Hello, My name is Veronica from Argentina, in my country these dolls and this style is not very common as in yours I thoroughly enjoyed them I have not the luck to have any real good but I get fairly close I love your blog, and I regret not speak the same language apologize I'm doing with a translator, I liked to visit a kiss. Vero

  5. Thank you for your kind words about my dolls. They are such fun to make.