Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finished Doodle Pattern

I see lots of sunshine this morning!! And the temperature is suppose to be about 85 today, my kinda weather!! Above is the little doodle pattern completed, well not completely finished, but you can see what it will look like when punched. Mine measures 5x3.
We had date night last night, auction, we went to Wintergreen Ski Resort to look at a house...not to buy, but to paint. It had been a while since I had been up into the resort, and some of the homes up in there are really BIG and expensive. We then went to a local brewery for dinner. It was great to get out for a while and Thomy and Jan are always very good company. But today it is back to is soap pouring day and then I will finish yet another little mat. This one I have done in retro know the little cherries and bandanna like squares, it is turning out pretty cute.
I would like to extend of very big congratulations to my husband for passing his Building Exam!
This is a very hard test, but must be passed for Contractors to upgrade to a higher class of licensing...way to go Lee, I am sooo proud of you.
O.K. guys, I am off to start my wonderful day.
Hope your day is filled with smiles.

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  1. sooooo....THAT'S where you two were last night!!! P & I called to congrats Lee and to ask you to come for BBQ....but you were out partying!!

    YEAH! to LEE!!!!!!
    love your little punch ~ it's perfect~~