Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Found Treasures

This is the trunk of my car after a few hours of "hunting" with Lori. Such fun we had. We shopped and shopped and had a wonderful lunch at one of the cafe's in Bedford.
These are some of my treasures that I ran across today. I am lovin' that old bench, the beeskep, the red lookin' board is a small bench like thing for your table, the holder behind it will be used for old linen in the bathroom.

And more treasure. Look at that olde prairie dress...a little tea stain in a few places and it will be perfect!! The white bloomers beside it are to cute...but I have them soaking as we white for me, just a little age on 'em will be nice. There is also a bunch of old linen towels and table throws, some quilt squares from an olde quilt. Look at the little doll, how cute.
One or a few of the coolest things I bought were 2 Hoosier type cabinets, a couple other pieces of furniture, the top to a Hoosier...hang on the wall and use as display!! old large tin spice holder and an old red bench. I did manage to fit the spice holder and, oh yeah, a crock in my car, but Lee and I will go back on Sunday with the trailer to pick up the rest. I just love "treasures".
Well my friends, Idol just came on and I really want to watch to see who goes home. I have an idea, but you never know.
Until tomorrow evening...
Many Blessings,


  1. What a great haul you made! I love days like that. Can't wait to see you other new goodies. Have a GREAT weekend, Dawn

  2. What a fun day, lots of great finds...hugs, Linda