Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Love of CROCKS

While I was working yesterday, my wonderful husband was at an auction buying me these crocks!! I have an obsession with crocks, old and newer, makes no difference to me. Aren't they pretty? Just excuse the coffee cup, he set it down as I was taking the picture. I will add these to my collection and still hunt for more!!
Soooo, whatch doin' today? I am working at the shop(earlier) around the home and in the home shop trying really hard to get some stuff finished up.
Went to dinner last night with Peter and Lori...and of course we did manage to get in a few minutes of shopping!! Had a blast. We ate until we could not move, and the meal was excellent!
I have always said that you never know what we can get into and last night was NO exception. On the way home Lori jumped out of our it was not moving...and rescued 3 opossum. They are sooo little, mom had been hit by a car, so she is trying to save the babies that she could rescue. We tried to feed them last night and let me tell you..they can REALLY grip a turkey baster!! (you had to be there). I know that with Lori being "mama" they will do just fine and hopefully she will be able to release them back into the wild soon.
Well I wish you all a very pleasant afternoon/evening.


  1. {my turkey baster wil NEVER be the same...}
    thank you for pulling over & putting up with me!!!

  2. These are great! I like them all, especially the one with the trees...hugs, Linda