Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Shopping with Lori

Today we shall blaze new trials, scavenge like no others before us, for today is "Girl's Day". Yes, Lori (Notforgotten Farm) and I are headed out for a fun filled day of "hunting". We shall dig, pilfer and rummage like hunters...for our own special treasures. What a fun filled day...laughing until we cry, a light lunch, and then back to the business at hand....SHOPPING!! It does not matter to either of us if we find a special "keeper" or not...we are enjoying each other's company.

I will post later in the afternoon of my treasures that I found...some to keep and others to re-do.

Until then, have a blessed day.


1 comment:

  1. Hi Robin, wish I was going with you two, sure sounds like a great time. My scrounging buddy moved to TN and I miss those days so darn much! Yup, I got your e-mails and I'm lovin' those table covers. Can't wait to see what you get today. Have fun, Dawn