Friday, September 10, 2010

Auction Treasures

Good evening...two posts today!! Lookie what I got!! This is a big ole primitive medicine cabinet. It's huge!!

And this red buggy bench. Think what this will look like all decorated for Christmas...fresh greens and a big ole santa.
I also bought a beautiful Kinnier and Son Lynchburg crock but for some insane reason it just did not want to load...again. I accidentally deleted it the first time. These will be coming with me next weekend...well all but the buggy bench. I will prolly put that at the shop for sale at Christmas. Unless that is someone wants it before hand or I am asked to bring it next weekend. Will be going to the shop tomorrow, Christmas books in hand...I am sooo ready to make something else besides a pumpkin!!!! or witch or crow. Not that I am by no means ready for Christmas, just wanta make something different.
Well, it's late and I am auction can really wear a person out!!
Talk to you on Sunday. Have a great Saturday.


  1. Oh my gosh! You lucky girl! I just love that buggy bench. You're right, I can just see it all decorated for the holidays. I'd sure love to have that as a great display in my shop! Looks like this proved to be a great night, Dawn

  2. OMG, Robin! Fabulous treasures. I sure wish I lived near you - that red buggy bench would be coming to my house.

    Autumn Blessings,

  3. Great finds Robin!! I would love to have that buggy bench but I fear shipping to Texas would put it way out of my budget. 8-) Love the cabinet too. Glad you had a good treasure hunt.

  4. Awesome finds, Robin!!
    That buggy bench is amazing!!
    And what a wonderful cabinet!!