Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Day Remembered

Yesterday as most of you know was the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks. This day shall live in our hearts forever, but before the attacks I remember (and always will remember) that day as the birth day of my son. He would have 26 years old yesterday. You see, he was killed 11 years ago, just a month shy of his 15 birthday. Below are the traditional flowers that my parents place in church on his birthday. Aren't they pretty? They try really hard to make them red, white and blue, but as you can see it's more of a purple. They always bring them to me after the service. They really look nice on the table...especially since I have straightened it up!!
Had a great dinner last night with Peter and Lori at Vito's. Love that Italian food, and you know they take out ALL the calories before serving it to you!!! Wishful thinking.
Today is just a slow paced Sunday, Lee is in the woods building a tree take pictures from not hunt. I am kinda just wondering from room to room piddlin'. There is much I should be doing, but for some strange reason I just don't feel like it. I did make some planters this morning and stuffed a mattress and ran the vacuum, did a load of laundry, went to the store and visited with my parents a few minutes. that I think about it I have done a lot. Maybe it's not as slow paced as I thought.
Well, I am going to the front porch to rock and read, there is always a good breeze out there and I do enjoy looking at the mountains.
Have a blessed Sunday...enjoy the afternoon.


  1. Robin, My heart goes out to you. I think it a good thing for you to sit, read and reflect today. ~Ann

  2. Oh Robin, thank you for sharing the flowers and for sharing your heart with us. My heart hurts for you. Big hugs to you dear blog friend!!

  3. Robin, The flowers are beautiful, thinking you on a diffucult day. OLM

  4. Robin.....
    Just sending you hugs!

  5. Good morning my friend, what a beautiful tradition from your parents. I'm so sorry about your son, I had no idea. I think blogland is all wrapping our arms around you on this anniversary. Hope you and Lori are busy getting ready for your show and you can have happy thoughts this week. Dawn

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful heart felt comments...I am O.K.!! It never goes away, you just learn to deal with it. Many blessings to each and everyone of you.

  7. Robin ~
    My heart goes out to you. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain. What beautiful flowers from your parents.
    Hugs :)