Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wash Day

Aint she purdy? Yep, I know the gutts are not there, but the wood is awesome.
It says "The Perfect Washer", and I have to agree. This is what will be filled with all the Christmas Greenery, Santa's and make-dos at the shop Open House and then again in Dec. for the Christmas Show in Fishersville. I think it will look great!
After that..well, it is already sold. (thank you for letting me use this for display!)
Lori came by just a while ago and brought the article over from the newspaper. I must say they did a fine job. It was a very good write donkey pictures though. It is weird to see your name in print, scared me to death when she said that they mentioned my name...I was in a frozen position that day cause sometimes when you open your mouth around people you don't know you get all tongue tied...and I really did not want a quote that made nooo sense to anyone!Not even me! But all is good.
I need a professional photographer to take pictures of the offerings that will be on Early Work picture taking ability is terrible. The soaps look good though! And the kitchen smells wonderful, a blend of pumpkin, apple and spice. Lee's gonna think I am baking...NOT! In this home my name is not Betty Crocker...a baker I am not. A very dear friend of mine...
Mrs. a wonderful baker. And I call on her often!!
Well my friends, I am off to see if I can't do something with this camera cause I really need a few good pictures. Wish me luck.


  1. AWESOME washer! Mrs. Smith bakes at my house too. (Did you know that if you put one of her frozen deep dish pies in your own pie pan and bake it that it will conform to your pan and look homemade?)

  2. hahaha!!!
    you do know that my maiden name is Smith, and yes, she bakes frequently here in my farmhouse toooo ~ and as far as that washer goes...I already know where I'll be putting it! WOOHOO
    ((kiss the kitten for me}}

  3. I LOVE THAT WASHER!!! What a great display that will make for your Christmas greens, but I sure wish it was coming to my house. Getting excited for Friday night, should be lots of fun and I wish you were coming. Have a great day tomorrow, Dawn

  4. I love the washer! How gorgeous! Something tells me you will be seeing it often.

    Robin, I received my soaps today. Holy Moley Girl ---- they are gorgeous. They smell divine. I put one of the crow bars in my foyer, where it will smell up the entrance to my home and the other at the top of my landing. The pumpkin soaps are so them and love how they smell. I am simply thrilled to death!!!! Thank you so very much for accommodating me. Ter'e