Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Worth It's Weight In Gold

Fresh pumpkin soap...just cut and curing. I never thought I would be making this...pumpkin shortage.In this area pumpkin can't be found. They say that there was a freeze last year and stores
ran out of canned pumpkin. Sooo, I spent yesterday lookin' for some...and the good people
of Anderson's Market sold me part of a can. Oh they have some for sale alright...but it is
in a ten pound can...I only need 4tbs per batch. This soap is FALL..the smell of fresh
cooked pumpkin pie...but better!! My home smells wonderful. Don't ya just love t he prim
chunky cut? This will be wrapped in aged cheese cloth and then a sprig of Sweet Annie will be added. Last year I made roughly 20lbs. of this...2lbs at a time. I still have mine at my kitchen sink, this is s good soap to get rid of "kitchen" smells from your hands.
Today I am running around. When I ordered my oils for my soap bars I forgot to order the base, so I am headed to a few places to see if they have some. Hopefully they will. Then it is back home to play in soap and wax and I will prolly throw in some sewing on top of that.
Maybe even some painting since my wonderful husband has got ALL of the noodle boards painted along with some benches and cupboards.
Lori and I are still planning on playing tomorrow...we both need a break!!
I will let you know how much trouble we got into tomorrow afternoon....until then...


  1. That soap looks wonderful! I'll bet you sell it out right away, especially wrapped in cheesecloth! I sewed like crazy yesterday and the day before and have a good load to take to the shop today. I'll try to post pictures tonight! Have fun tomorrow with Lori, Dawn

  2. That does look yummy! I love all scents pumpkin - I always look forward to using room sprays and candles in the fall! Have fun with Lori! SUE

  3. This looks luscious as all your stuff does!!

  4. Oh... I can just smell that soap through my computer! lol Looks great !!

  5. Love the soap, sounds like you are one busy lady. 8-)