Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Forgot It

I had great hopes of showing you treasures today...or at least the washing machine I bought at the auction. Can you believe I FORGOT to go and pick it up? I am sooo glad that the guys who run the auction house are good friends!! So, I will run up this afternoon and pick it up...tomorrow there will be a picture.
There were no treasures yesterday. Or at least none that I could use. Do you have those days...ya know, your tried and true places hit a cold spell? Even the antique stores have had nothing "earth shattering"...I am STILL looking for a cupboard!! I have come to the conclusion that I will probably have to go north to find what I want...way north...hear that Lou...I may be heading your way!! No time soon tho'...it's hunting season (in a month) and I would NEVER think of interfering with that...I use that as my "staycation". I get soo much done when he has gone to the cabin...mainly cause I can put ANYTHING where I WANT it. Love him to death but some things are just so much easier when he is not hear. So as much as he looks forward to "his" hunting season...I am probably just as excited to have "my" season. Ahhh...just think junkin', shopping and just playing and I don't have to hear those 5 dreaded words..
"Where ya gonna put it"?
See, I don't need a gun to go hunting..LOL
Have a blessed day.


  1. HERE, HERE!!! There's nothing like having some "you" time. I love my Tuesdays, that's the day I'm home and can get lots done. Have a great day, Dawn

  2. HA HA ....you don't need a gun to go hunting!! I'm gonna use that one too!!

  3. WoW, love your new look here, awesome:) and not to worry, you DO sew as well as some of the ladies...we bought some of your goodies:)

  4. Robin, love the way to tell it like it is! YOU are a hoot!!!
    Ok, so you were asking about the garland in one of my pictures, it's dryed pumpkin. I got over at www.samplerscountry.com, OLM