Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Shortage Here!!

Thank you all for the positive thoughts sent yesterday...I am o.k. I have no hernia or anything else and as long as I take Prilosec I am fine...doesn't make sense to me either. Of course if you take that everyday...which by the way you can can cause stomach cancer. It removes all the acid from your stomach...good or bad. So, I still feel like I am at square one. But I am not going to worry about it any longer...maybe it will just "go away". I am being very careful of what I eat and I do not lift any more....speaking of lifting, this is what I got yesterday.
This is what 40 pounds of soap base looks like. I have enough to add to this:
6 pounds of pumpkin. Yes sir...there is no shortage here!! Keep in mind I only need 4 tbs. full of pumpkin for each batch of soap. I think I have enough pumpkin for the next few YEARS!!! Good thing it freezes well. Going to make another batch today, the other batch is all sold...

I got nothing done yesterday, well if you count napping then I did accomplish something. So today must be a productive day...right after I go to the grocery store. There is soap to be made, things to be tagged, priced and packed. more soap to be made and let's not forget to play in some wax. I REALLY like that, although it does not clean up off the counter as well as soap!!

Thank you again for all of your positive thoughts, I greatly appreciated it!!
Many Blessings to You,



  1. Hooray! Glad they didn't find "anything" really wrong yesterday. Isn't it frustrating when you still don't feel right though? That soap sounds wonderful and one of these days I'd like to learn about doing some wax things. Not enough hours in the day! I sewed until 11 last night and still didn't get everything done that I had started! Sure wish I could come to your show, Dawn

  2. Hi Robin - glad you got a good report yesterday. The pumpkin soap sounds wonderful and I'll bet the smell is yummy. Sounds like you have a lot of work planned. Have a good day.


  3. WOW ROBIN that's a lota soap!!!!
    I've always wanted to make soap. Wish I knew how or maybe not????

    Sherry aka:The Queen

  4. Whoo hoo so glad everything turned out ok at the Doctors. And bet your soap smells awesome!!!! Funny we have no problem getting small cans of Pumpkin here.. Of course it has skyrocketed in price..1.98 a can when I used to pay .79 cents a can the only one they sell in the stores up here is Libbys.I just bought two cans to make a couple batches of Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies... Gonna freeze some because they are a Favorite in our house in the fall.

  5. Robin, So glad everything worked out well at the doc!
    Now that's a lot of pumpkin! have fun creating! OLM