Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Halloween Cone Complete

Happy Tuesday!! The weather sure has gotten cooler...in the a.m. anyway. By this afternoon it will be near 90...again. I am sooo done with hot. Below is my cone...whatcha think?Yesterday turned out to be pretty productive. Poor Lori...she had 2 husbands all day yesterday...hers and mine. But to hear Lee talk, they got right much done. I did stay in the home shop for the most part...although there were several breaks to see the sunshine and spend some time rocking on the porch...peace and quiet until the dogs decided they wanted NO birds in the yard or their air space. Tinsley HATES crows. I am still trying to explain to him that they are bigger than he is so leave 'em alone!!
This is short, I am off to have the endoscopy done this morning, and yep I will admit I am a little nervous. Hopefully (with much praying) all will be o.k.
Have a blessed day, and I will let you know the outcome later.


  1. Love that little cone! They will sell like hot cakes I'm sure. Good luck with your "procedure" this morning, we'll all think positive. Can't wait to see pictures of the shop all done up for fall. Wishing you cooler weather, Dawn

  2. Your cone looks amazing, you did a great job!!!

  3. That is an adorable cone...good job!
    I have very recently gone through so much testing...Thanking God all is well(just a tiny hiatal hernia) and I just bet yours will be too.
    Sending you warm thoughts and prayers...

  4. Robin, I've been thinking about you, today. Hope all went well.