Monday, September 27, 2010

Small Finds

Good Monday Morning!!! Yuk, right? It's not that bad, although it is a rainy gray day here. It could be worse....SNOW...remember how we all hated that word just a few months ago? Now we hate the word HEAT, seems like we are never satisfied with the weather. I know I am not except in the fall...PERFECT! Love those crisp cool days and chilly nights. Not much on spring...allergies, yellow stuff all over everything...besides our spring is only about 1 day hot fast this year. Can you believe how we are talking about this year...I mean it seems like yesterday we were saying Happy New Year and now we are making Christmas lists, menus for Thanksgiving and all the travel plans....Hey were did it GO. So much has happened this year, but it's ALL GOOD. O.K. time to move on........
This is just a few things I picked up at the auction. Both are real, not repos. Love that big ole grain scoop, even with her crack. It's large and the handle is still there...will look great holding some homespun or vintage feed sack. The other item is a rice bucket...older than dirt. I just love old wood. The rice bucket had a small crack, but we fixed her...good as new.
I also purchased an old washer, gotta go get that this afternoon, will look REAL nice filled with fresh greens, olde fashioned santas, maybe some make-do's and other prims for the Christmas Open House...Nov 27th 10-3. After that it will be for sale at our Dec. 4 sale in Fishersville.
I am starting on Christmas already...neat ideas coming soon!! Merrie Days is almost finished and with Lori's help will be turned into a pocket...I have never made a pocket but can't wait to learn. I have started a new wool rug punch for Christmas also...maybe another pocket??? We shall see!!
Well, I am off to go get the orders packed up....
Then it will be off to the P.O. and maybe run by Goodwill, then I will have to get back to punching and playing with Eli. He is sooo sweet and cute, but I wish he would stop trying to climb my legs...with no long pants on!!!

Blessings my friends...Until tomorrow


  1. NO PANTS ON???!!! Just kidding. Sounds like you had a great weekend and I love what you got at the auction. Yup, time to turn our thoughts to Christmas. I'm having a little hard time getting my head around that one though. We had a great time at our show on Saturday and can't wait to try it again! Have a great week, Dawn

  2. Great finds! You must visit the best auctions!