Friday, September 24, 2010

Bug "Gitter"

Hello to all. Do you have stink bugs where you are? We have thousands...just on the screen porch, guess because it's in the sun and the heat. Well, the other day when I went out to the den, they were everywhere!! I hate those things, they sound like jets when they fly by you.So, I called Lee and told him to stop by Lowe's and get a special vacuum cleaner...this is the OFFICIAL Bug Gitter...hey, it works.
However, I did not tell him to go outside and get as many as he could. Yepper, he cleaned his "air space". All he needed was a cape and he woulda looked like some super hero dude. We have ducked tape around the top of all the sliding glass doors...they are old and do not fit as well as they should. He has sprayed, caulked, vacuumed, swept up and cussed. All is well right? Heck no, he found a couple in the den later last night and ritual began all over again...welcome to MY world...the wife of a super hero dude.
Going to the shop today...10-3...Lori and I will be there. I am punching "Merrie Days" and this will be used as a Christmas Card holder, with some of Lori's help. Her interview went very well yesterday, I think they liked the donkeys the best. They will be here in a few weeks to do part two of the interview, the soap making, wax melting and furniture building with all of it being tied back to Notforgotten Farm. This means two newspapers will have a story of the shop!! Woohoo! It is great advertisement and we are very excited about this.
Tonight is date night, maybe tomorrow I can show you those treasure that I just "couldn't live without". Yeah, right, I do not need anything and the shop in Bedford is full. Speaking of Bedford...if you are from this area tomorrow is Bedford Centerfest. This is a great day trip if you aren't to far. They close the streets and set up for vendors and crafts. It really is fun and the food and entertainment are great. This year they are having an artisan section...where all of the craft vendors and artist will be. I know there will a lot of talent there!!
Wishing you a great Friday Night...and if it's Football Friday, I hope you win!!


  1. How exciting about the interview for you two! Look how wide a door has opened for you after one closed. Hope you have fun on your date night and at Bedford Fest. Looking forward to being with you next weekend. Let's hope the weather holds!

  2. How I laughed imagining your super hero with a vaccuum!!! Hope you find some great goodies on your date nite - seems you always do. Was that your buggy seat in the show pictures? LOVE IT! And, yes, I do ship everything but furniture. Have a great weekend and enjoy the interviews, Dawn

  3. Oh my a Bug Gitter!...Love it!. We have yellow jackets everywhere this pantry is full with these lethargic bees each morning...crunch crunch as i make my coffee. I dont like to look at them ..gotta quit sweeping and get me a Bee Gitter!
    TFS & Have a Bliss Day~ Misi