Monday, September 20, 2010

Our New Addition

Friends...please meet Eli Harrison. He came to live with us on Saturday. He is such a sweetie. And of course men TRY and be so big and act like they are just so gruff in front of people, but let me tell ya...get him home and they melt.

The Gathering this past weekend was WONDERFUL. Lori and I ordered the weather about a week ago...hope you liked it! It was PERFECT!!. I know I said I would have pictures...and I do, but my program this morning went wonky and this was all it would give me. But trust me, there was a very large crowd and some of the best vendors out there. We had a lot of fun Friday setting up and of doing some early shopping...that's the fun part. The sneak peaks are great! Plus it is really nice to visit with everyone before we all get so busy...and by the time it is over you are just plum worn out!!
Lori and Family are coming for dinner tonight...I gotta get going and start some cleaning.
I tried real hard yesterday but I just could not seem to get off the sofa.
For everyone that has ordered pumpkin soap...I sold out at the show but I WILL be pouring some up this afternoon. All order will be going out by Thursday, if nothing goes wrong.
Please check back...or check Lori's blog to see pictures of the show. I will try to have mine up tomorrow.
Have a great day.


  1. Oh I am so glad the weather was nice for the show. I would have loved to come. Can't wait to see the pics. SUE

  2. oh, little Eli is such a cutie! We have a black kitty, her name is Sophie...

  3. Eli is PRECIOUS. He's black........just perfect for our Halloween Party. Tuck him in your pocket and bring him along.
    Pat.........who is a sucker for kitty cats!!!!