Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Sweet Is This??!

O.K., how sweet is this? Ya gotta love it. Eli is sitting in a bread cock. I know it really
does look like he is in a coffee cup.This is were he hides to jump out at the dogs and let them know he's here.
Scares the snot out of them!! Little Kitty is still walking around with here usual attitude. Poor little Eli just runs real fast past her. He is adjusting well and he even sleeps by himself, well kinda he is snuggled up next to Jack Russel, but he is not in the bed with us. Tinsley wants NOOO part of having him in HIS (Our) bed. He shares well but that is one thing he has put his foot down about.
It's a gray, cooler (yeah!!), rainy day here in VA. I am so glad. Went out this morning to get hubby all ready for hunting season, he really doesn't hunt that much...he just likes being with the guys at the cabin and cooking on the open fire. Of course we still have a month before his opening day..."But all the good stuff will be gone" he said. Men.
I have been asked to join Early Work Mercantile, so I would be honored to have your company on October 1st at the web site
as I will be having needful goods and smalls available for sale.
I will show you tomorrow what was at the auction, they did not have that much this week that I wanted...but we still got some neat stuff anyway.
Have a Blessed Day,


  1. Eli is just too adorable setting in that crock...I love that crock, too! never saw one looking like a big ole coffee cup:)

    Cooler here in S.E. VA, but sun is out. YES, grats on joining Early Work their vendors (ha, can't think what to call you) but, I'll be there. On my way to my fav thrift shop then a little visit to see if the Nasturtium seeds that Wendy (Pineberry Hill) sent me have fully bloomed ...well, only one bloom lol hope to save it. I posted the pic, maybe you saw it:) thanks again.
    Enjoy your Sunday,

  2. That little Eli is just adorable, congrat's on joining Early Works Mercantile. We're finally getting a cool down here, hopefully we'll be done with this move soon so I can get back to crafting and blogging soon.

    Take care,

  3. Robin, so glad Eli is settling in! Do you think he'll keep those blue eyes?
    I'll be in touch about setting up on Friday.