Monday, September 6, 2010

Just A Couple Finishes

Happy Labor Day. I hope you are enjoying your day off!! So I guess then it is official...the summer heat is gone!!? Not hardly. Thought I would show you a quick peak at a few items finished and ready to go. Pumpkin wizard on a rusty tin door pocket with sunflowers and a crow and a couple of the thousand or so books I have covered. Nooo, it's really not a thousand but it sure feels like it.
Everyone...and YOU know who YOU are...keeps reminding me that the Gathering is only 2 weeks away...and I am not ready. Soooo, today I will become the mad troll in the basement. I shall work like a feign getting much accomplished. Lee will be helping Peter...I can go work in peace and quiet. Much will get done today (hopefully). But then the age old question pops up...where do I start? I think I should start by having another cup of coffee and enjoying this (finally) cool morning on my back porch, and just relax for a few minutes. Yes sir...I am on a roll now...I see much (???) getting done today. WELL..IT IS A HOLIDAY!! LOL
Enjoy your day.
P.S. Tisha over at is trying to name her new kitty, can you give her a hand...this is a nice blog and she is a riot, great stories!!


  1. ;p) I like how you start your workday...I'm sharing a cuppa coffee with you before I get your new pumpkin. It's wonderful to sit a bit...sip fast before those naggy get to work thoughts pop up again:))

  2. Robin, Love how you are starting you busy day! I should be doing the same thing, yet her I am read blogs and driking ice tea! Enjoy the day ! OLM

  3. They look amazing! I need to get to work too.

  4. Robin,I love how these turned out. I hope you had a productive day.

    Blessings & Hugs,