Thursday, April 29, 2010

Doodle Pattern

Good morning to you. I have included a free doodle pattern to be completed as you see fit. I am punching mine and will finish it in an old frame I found, as you can tell the frame is oval.
All you gotta do is enlarge it as you would like. Hope you enjoy it and I will finish mine in
the next day or so and will post a picture. So far it is cute.
Yesterday...let me tell ya, Lori(Notforgotten Farm), Felicia and I hit the streets of downtown, our antique district. What fun we had. We scavenged like true experts!! I think we may be ready for our OWN t.v. show. We took to the streets and shops like true pros. And between all the hysterical laughing we managed to find some buried treasures. I felt so refreshed by the time I got home, all that laughing and smiling is sooo good for the soul. When I returned home I went to the home shop to find that no magical person had been there to finish up any projects. Don't you wish that just for one night when you went to bed that a bunch of little elves would come out and finish up what you left? I sure do. What a treat that would be!! But anyhow, yesterday was a blast, thank you Lori and Felicia, hope to do that again soon...but we will have to wait awhile as we got ALL the treasures yesterday!!
I am headed to the shop today with little quilt squares in hand for another small project. So when I get tired of punching I can work on another little candle mat. I so love making those little quilt mats.
I hope that whatever goal you set for yourself today you reach.
Many blessings,
(P.S. the hair turned our good)

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  1. what a cute design robin! GREAT Job!!!
    thanks for sharing it with all of us...can't wait to see yours all finished up ~
    I placed all of my treasures around the house & am tickled with all of my stuff! ~

    talk to you friday!