Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pumpkin Pins

How do you like my little guys? I designed these pins last years and have decide to bring them back for year #2. Also making a return this year will be my snowmen head pins. I will show them to ya later...when it gets a little cooler.As of now I am not taking orders for them do to the fact I am trying to get enough together
for several shows. If something changes...I will let you know. I will be adding the flicker cone and votive lights on etsy along with the angel. All of which are hand poured when order is received.
I went to the Gasto. doctor yesterday and have to have an endoscopy done on Tuesday.
Bummer!!! But they want to make sure it is a hiatal hernia. I don't mind the procedure, it's the needle in the hand that I don't want. Has anyone had one of these before. If so please let me know what I can expect. Thanks!!
Lori and I will be heading out on Thursday...play date!! We will be scouring the roads
for treasure to be found...and a good lunch!!
Tis football season....Saturday I am headed to Charlottesville to the Univ. of Va. game.
I am a big college football fan!! We shall tailgate with country ham biscuits,
ham and potato quiche, and chicken tender biscuits and some kinda salad and desert.
And of course the traditional "football" drinks. (you don't want to know) Let's just say I only
need one of 'em!
Well my friends, I am off to the home shop, much still needs to be done...and Lori keeps reminding me that it's only 2 weeks until show time....but I am NOT ready yet!
Until next time...wishing you much happiness and many


  1. CUTE PINS! I'll bet they sell like hot cakes. Sure do wish I could come to your show. Good luck at the doctor's, never had that procedure done. Have a great week, Dawn

  2. What a sweet pumpkin!!....Love him!!~~hugs,Jen

  3. Hope your procedure goes well. Is it NEXT Tues or today? I haven't had the procedure but if somethin's broke, ya gotta get it fixed!!

  4. Hey Robin, cute pins!! Good luck on your procedure. I had it done a few years ago and not bad. I was kind of aware but so drowsy I didn't care. Demorol (sp) is a wonderful thing. 8-) I have terrible veins so the iv was worse than the procedure. I'd like for them to knock me out with something to do the iv. 8-)
    Your tailgate menu makes me hungry!!
    Have a great day