Thursday, April 1, 2010

2 Finishes

Good evening. Late post I know, I was running late this morning
and I did not have time and then came home and cooked dinner...and ladies you know
the rest. Anyway...the above is the chair pad that I did today. It is a wool rug punch.
I love using the rug punch, it goes soooo fast. I have a few stitches to re-arrange
and finish it off. Hopefully I will get 3 more made for a complete set!!
Below is Scrappy, I finished him yesterday. He will be made into an
old fashioned throw pillow. Do not look to close at him, the excess fabric
is just tucked up under him for his debut picture.

Tomorrow is Friday....Date Night!! I'm lovin' that. I am still on
my hunt for a cupboard...maybe this will be the week I find one!!?
The weather was gorgeous today and is suppose to be that way all week!
I know all the kids that will be on Spring Break are gonna love it!! I will
"talk" to you on Saturday and let you know what treasures I found
at the auction.
Have a very blessed evening.


  1. My, my.....take her to ONE rug hooking show & look what happens!!!
    they are both beautiful, hooneygirl...but I favor that scrappy duck ~ he looks like my Henry!!


  2. So nice to sit a spell and talk with you, today! Both of your pieces look great. I love Scrappy's background.