Friday, April 23, 2010

Hang Tags...?

Good cloudy morning to you. I made the hang tags above to go on some baskets that I found, but now I do not like them on the baskets...what do I do with them?? I hate when this happens, it looked cute in my head, but after making all of them and doing the finish work on them
I do not like them on the baskets!! Soooo, maybe someone can give me some ideas as what I should do with the "hang Tags".
Tonight is Friday Night Date Night...with no where to go!! There is no auction for a couple of weeks, what's an old couple to do? It will seem funny not doing anything tonight, but I guess we will survive. Maybe it will make go go into the home shop and work a little. I have sooo many projects going on down there...I sewed my crow wings on the eagle and the eagle wings on the crow and could not figure out why they looked sooo funny; I put them aside for a while and finally figured out what was wrong. Took forever to correct my mistake, cutting all those little stitches and not cutting the fabric. But they have been separated and hopefully I have the right pair for each now!! I could finish those, or the tree lanterns, or the kettle rags and the list goes on and on.
Today is soap pouring day at the shop. It will smell so good in there. Have not decided what "flavor" to use yet though. but you can bet that the smell will come out the front door!! to the bank and then to go open up for another day..I feel very blessed to be able to do that!
Have a great TGIF

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