Sunday, April 11, 2010

Calming Effect

Good morning to is such a beautiful day here. This is my fountain...but
unfortunately not of youth!! I have always wanted one, so we made it using "finds"
that we had around the house. I love the pings and pongs that the water makes running
over the enamel ware pots, dippers and plates. We did have to go on a scavenger hunt for
a few enamel pieces...just did not want to use all of what I had hanging about. I sat outside
last night by the fire and listened for a long while to the rhythm of her music. Such a calming
effect after a busy day...but you know what happens when you listen to the sound of running water now don'tcha..yep..many trips up the steps to the bathroom. I do put Clorox in the water so it does not get funky during the summer. The olde rocker in the mulch bed was a local find and yes I do sit and rock...and get covered in chipping paint, but that does not bother me!! Today is yard day at the shop..hubby has already left with his "play toys" to get a head start and then it's cleaning day on the inside...where do cob webs come from? I have no spiders or other critters living about in there. I had the doors open last week so now I get to clean the pollen off. OMG it's bad here, I had all the windows open at our olde home and now I have to dust everything...and for those that know me you know that I have a LOT of dustin' to do!!LOL. I figure if I start now I should be finished by the Christmas Open House...any volunteers want to help?!! Just kiddin', hubby will help...maybe. Well folks...I am off to the shop to try and get her cleaned up before we open...and maybe help hubby a little in the yard.
Enjoy what life has to offer and have a Blessed Day.


  1. What a wonderful fountain! I had a watering can fountain that I took into the shop for spring - but I'll have to bring it home when summer officially gets here. At least for now it gives the shop a little ambiance. Have a great Sunday, Dawn

  2. Robin,
    I love your fountain. I love to go on scavenger hunts for cool old garden & yard treasures. Enjoy your day.

  3. Thank you kindly for the very nice comments about our fountain. Have a very nice evening